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Zucchini and Tomato

I forgot to plant the zucchini, so in went 2 seeds today. Luckily we can plant zucchini all year around here.

One of the 2 tomato seeds I have in a pot in the kitchen window has sprouted. Yay!

I got an upside-down tomato planter from woolworths at half price, so I want to try growing it on the porch, see how it goes. Another couple of weeks and it should be big enough to plant out.

No sign of the tomatoes in the garden bed yet. However, there are now broccoli, pea, beetroot, and a few onions showing their faces.


I found a recipe for carrot soup, and realised I had forgotten to plant carrots in the garden! Shock! Horror!

I immediately remedied this by planting out 4 squares of carrots – 9 plants to each square.

I had also put up the old gate as a trellis for the peas to climb since last I posted, so here is a picture of how it all looks now. I have nails hammered almost in every 30cm, and have run string between the nails showing the square foot (30cm x 30cm) grid for a guide when planting.

April 2011 Planting

On April 30 LittleBug and I planted out the following in the freshly manured garden bed, which by then had been rained on for a couple of days.

Climbing Peas – Greenfeast (2 squares, 8 seeds)

Silverbeet – Five Colour Mix (1 square, 5 seeds)

Tomato – Gardeners Delight (4 squares, 8 seeds)

Onion – Hunter River Browns (2 squares, 6 rows)

Broccoli – Waltham (4 squares, 8 seeds)

Beetroot – Heirloom Mix (4 squares, 12 rows)

Empty squares left: 15

Lets see how they grow, I’ll be keeping an eye out for shoots.