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Movie Review: Your Highness

From the trailers I thought this would be a half decent movie, but I was wrong.

Natalie Portman’s character only appears half way through, when it looked from the trailer as the focus of the movie. The plot is weak, and obvious. The humor is mostly of the toilet variety.

Not worth the price of a movie ticket, possibly good as a rental DVD.

However, it is so bad it may acquire a cult following of The Princess Bride variety (don’t get me wrong, I love The Princess  Bride).

Movie Review: Hoodwinked Too


We went to see Hoodwinked Too at the movies and throughly enjoyed it. My three-year old sat through the entire thing without running up and down the aisles so it must have been good. ­čÖé

Carrying on the tradition of fractured fairy tales like the first Hoodwinked, Red and the Big Bad Wolf must work together to save Granny.

I would recommend this as a good family movie for all ages. The grown ups will have fun spotting all the fairy tales references, and the kids will just have fun. A little bit scary, but predictable enough to stop the kids from crying.

I will consider adding it to my collection when it comes out on DVD.