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Apple Muffin Cake

I have a muffin mix all ready to go, just need to add the wet ingredients to it. This week I have a surplus of Apples so I made a cake using 2 apples and the muffin mix equivalent to 12 muffins.

One apple was sliced thin and placed in the bottom of the pan, I put a tablespoon of sugar and a desert spoon of ground Cinnamon under the apples – this will be an upside down cake where the sugar has caramalised and the pretty apple pattern you made on the bottom becomes the top of the cake.

The other apple I diced and added to the muffin batter. It took 50mins at 200C instead of the 20mins for muffins.

I though I have gone completely overboard with the cinnamon at the start and would need to chuck it out, or at least scrape the top off – but it almost works. Next time I think I will use 1 teaspoon instead.