Why I Choose Cloth

The number one reason that has me reaching for the cloth nappy over the disposable nappy, is the thought that with every cloth one I use there is more room in the garbage bin for things other than nappies.

Other reasons I use cloth are:

  • Environment – not sending extra contaminated waste to land fill. There are a host of arguments about if the washing of nappies is more resource hungry than the disposable manufacturing process, however there is the incontestable truth that the disposables do not break down in land fill for decades. True there are now compostable, and eco-friendly nappy brands, but the plastic that makes them lovely and waterproof also keeps them together in land fill.
  • Health – I discovered with LittleBug, and again with BabyBug, that they get LESS nappy rash using the cloth nappies than the disposable. counterintuitive I know!
  • Cost – Disposable nappies work out somewhere between 30 and 50 cents each. Currently I use bamboo flats and covers, one of the cheapest combinations as the setup cost for 12-18 nappies and 4-5 covers is around the price of 2 boxes of huggies. When you think how long the boxes will last (month or two at the most) and how long the cloth ones (couple of years – to toilet training and beyond), then there is no argument about which is more cost-effective. I also have some All-In-Ones that I got for LittleBug which I’m still using 3 years later 🙂
  • Effectiveness – again counter-intuitively I have had less leakage, and poo explosions from the cloth nappies than from the disposables.
  • Cute factor – They are just so cute!

Strawberry Aromas

My new strawberries and hanging strawberry bag came in the mail today from the diggers club.
I am very excited to plant them out as my old strawberries died over that hot, hot, hot summer that we just had. I probably should have watered them. Those old strawberries gave me a good service, at least 5 years of juicy berries. I have gone with the Aromas variety this time. My old strawberries were Alpine berries, it will be interesting to see if there are any differences in taste and how long it fruits.
Fragaria x ananassa  
Create a column of fragrant sweet strawberries perfect for a sunny balcony or verandah. Includes one strawberry bag which can hold 10 strawberries and 10 Aromas strawberries for planting. Can produce 5 kilos of strawberries or up to 20 punnets! Water regularly in hot and/or windy weather.



Snappies are the new nappy pins. They are made from rubber with plastic teeth on the bottom which snag and hold the loops from the terry fabric. They are great as you can’t jab the baby, but do watch out as the teeth can be sharp, I have managed to slice my finger open on them.

Poop Mushrooms

There may soon be one less reason for feeling guilty about using disposable nappies. Mexican scientists have discovered that mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms can completely break down a nappy in 4 months. If left untreated these nappies can remain in land fill for generations – one of the telling arguments against disposable nappies.

Just as well my number one reason for using cloth over disposable is room in my bin rather than environmental. But now I can stop feeling guilty for using them overnight and on long trips 🙂

For more info check out http://www.economist.com/node/18584104