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Snappies are the new nappy pins. They are made from rubber with plastic teeth on the bottom which snag and hold the loops from the terry fabric. They are great as you can’t jab the baby, but do watch out as the teeth can be sharp, I have managed to slice my finger open on them.

Poop Mushrooms

There may soon be one less reason for feeling guilty about using disposable nappies. Mexican scientists have discovered that mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms can completely break down a nappy in 4 months. If left untreated these nappies can remain in land fill for generations – one of the telling arguments against disposable nappies.

Just as well my number one reason for using cloth over disposable is room in my bin rather than environmental. But now I can stop feeling guilty for using them overnight and on long trips 🙂

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Bat Fold

Once the baby is a little bigger the Bat Fold is better fitting and more absorbent because there are 6 layers in the middle which acts like a booster.  This fold is also known as the Butterfly,  Origami,  or Chinese Fold,

Start by folding the nappy into a square, by folding it in half to form a rectangle.

Then in half again.

Pull the top layer by the corner out to form a triangle, if it does not work in one direction change the direction you are pulling by 90 degrees.

Flip the entire nappy over carefully so the square is on top of the triangle.

Fold the square in half.

Fold it over again.

Now doesn’t that look like a bat? The body in the middle and wings spread out. You can probably also now see where the Origami name comes from there are a few slightly tricky bits like you would see when doing origami. I think the Chinese name comes from people think origami is a chinese thing.

Now add a baby and fasten with a snappi.

Triangle Fold

The largest nappy fold is the triangle.

Basically just as it sounds, you fold the nappy into a triangle, corner to corner. 

You need to boost this nappy, either with another nappy folded into the middle, or with other boosters. I prefer bamboo for it’s absorbancy.

Simply place baby on the nappy and fold the corners in to meet, I usually start with one layer between the legs, then the sides, then the other layer between the legs and secure with a snappi.

The nappy on the baby will look like this.