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April 2011 Planting

On April 30 LittleBug and I planted out the following in the freshly manured garden bed, which by then had been rained on for a couple of days.

Climbing Peas – Greenfeast (2 squares, 8 seeds)

Silverbeet – Five Colour Mix (1 square, 5 seeds)

Tomato – Gardeners Delight (4 squares, 8 seeds)

Onion – Hunter River Browns (2 squares, 6 rows)

Broccoli – Waltham (4 squares, 8 seeds)

Beetroot – Heirloom Mix (4 squares, 12 rows)

Empty squares left: 15

Lets see how they grow, I’ll be keeping an eye out for shoots.

Autumn Garden

I finally took the time to get the veggie patch ready for all those winter crops. Here in subtropical Sydney we can grow something all year round.

I should already have my broccoli in, but nevermind. The peas are due to be planted soon. They were a great hit with LittleBug last year. I think two handfuls might have made it into the kitchen, the rest were eaten straight off the bush, but I don’t mind – anything to get them to eat fresh veggies 🙂

So today I have been adding a mix of chicken manure, cow manure, and mushroom compost to the top of the bed, lots of yummy organic matter for the plants to eat. The soil level in the bed had dropped quite a lot, as the compost I originally filled it with a couple of years ago has settled and compacted. Hopefully it will rain tonight and I won’t need to water it in tomorrow.

I was supervised by 15 week old BabyBug who made comments like “Goo ahh eee, grunt, grunt, giggle” – which loosely translates to “Manure, isn’t that a fancy name for poo? Here mummy I made some especially for you!”