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Winter Garden

It is just past mid winter, the shortest day of the year, and this is how my garden is looking.

The Beetroot is doing really well, as you can see at the front, just behind them is the broccoli.

The strawberries are also doing well, both in the hanging bag and the pot. And a loverly shot of some flat nappies drying in the background.

Yes, that is shredded paper that I am mulching with. Just like straw, once it is wet the paper felts down and so will not blow away. It is just as good at keeping the moisture in.

Yes, I probably should have waited until the sun was a little bit¬†higher, or lower before taking these photos ūüôā but live and learn…

Strawberry Aromas

My new strawberries and hanging strawberry bag came in the mail today from the diggers club.
I am very excited to plant them out as my old strawberries died over that hot, hot, hot summer that we just had. I probably should have watered them. Those old strawberries gave me a good service, at least 5 years of juicy berries. I have gone with the Aromas variety this time. My old strawberries were Alpine berries, it will be interesting to see if there are any differences in taste and how long it fruits.
Fragaria x ananassa  
Create a column of fragrant sweet strawberries perfect for a sunny balcony or verandah. Includes one strawberry bag which can hold 10 strawberries and 10 Aromas strawberries for planting. Can produce 5 kilos of strawberries or up to 20 punnets! Water regularly in hot and/or windy weather.

Zucchini and Tomato

I forgot to plant the zucchini, so in went 2 seeds today. Luckily we can plant zucchini all year around here.

One of the 2 tomato seeds I have in a pot in the kitchen window has sprouted. Yay!

I got an upside-down tomato planter from woolworths at half price, so I want to try growing it on the porch, see how it goes. Another couple of weeks and it should be big enough to plant out.

No sign of the tomatoes in the garden bed yet. However, there are now broccoli, pea, beetroot, and a few onions showing their faces.

Shoots spotted

I checked the garden today and found a bunch of tiny seedlings.

The beetroot, broccoli, and peas are all starting to show, and what may be a single onion (or grass). Looking forward to lots of leafy bits soon


I found a recipe for carrot soup, and realised I had forgotten to plant carrots in the garden! Shock! Horror!

I immediately remedied this by planting out 4 squares of carrots – 9 plants to each square.

I had also put up the old gate as a trellis for the peas to climb since last I posted, so here is a picture of how it all looks now. I have nails hammered almost in every 30cm, and have run string between the nails showing the square foot (30cm x 30cm) grid for a guide when planting.