About Me

My name is Amanda Buggy and I live in Sydney, Australia.

After spending many years as an IT professional I chose to stay home when I had my children.
I am ready to give most things ago, and follow my interests everything and have collected a few skills along the way:

    • I am a certified Jilleroo
    • AustSwim Teacher
    • Venturer Scout Leader with 1st Picnic Point
    • Cert 1 in Auslan
    • a BA majoring in Education and Psychology
    • I also sing in a choir – Bankstown City Choir

I like to garden, there is nothing better than making dinner with something you have just picked, and the kids eat it too!

In fact my kids won’t eat peas off a plate, but the ones they pick from the garden don’t make it back inside the house 🙂

I have also discovered my artistic side and have been making glass jewellery and other crafty things.

You can use the comments below to contact me and suggest topics.

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