Strawberry Aromas

My new strawberries and hanging strawberry bag came in the mail today from the diggers club.
I am very excited to plant them out as my old strawberries died over that hot, hot, hot summer that we just had. I probably should have watered them. Those old strawberries gave me a good service, at least 5 years of juicy berries. I have gone with the Aromas variety this time. My old strawberries were Alpine berries, it will be interesting to see if there are any differences in taste and how long it fruits.
Fragaria x ananassa  
Create a column of fragrant sweet strawberries perfect for a sunny balcony or verandah. Includes one strawberry bag which can hold 10 strawberries and 10 Aromas strawberries for planting. Can produce 5 kilos of strawberries or up to 20 punnets! Water regularly in hot and/or windy weather.

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