Pants Style Cover

I was looking for the new plastic pants, but couldn’t find them so I made some myself.

Using Baby Dry Pul Fabric and a pretty cotton fabric, all you need is some elastic and there you have a pretty waterproof covers, which don’t add a lot of bulk.

The yellow lining is the waterproof Poly Urethane Laminate layer, just turn over the edges at legs and waist to make a tube, and thread swimwear elastic through them. I like to use the overlocker to sew the PUL layer to the cotton layer first, with the laminate side of the PUL against the wrong side of the pretty cotton layer, then treat it as a single piece of fabric. Sew up the side seams, and then turn over the edges.

To make the pattern I bought the old style plastic pants which are something like $2 for 3, and cut the elastic out so it would lay flat, then cut down the outside of the leg to open it up to trace around. Normally you set it out so that the pattern is the right way up over the bum, so it is upside down at the front.

The plastic pants come in all sizes (eg. 000, 00, 1, 2) so you can make a couple of each size as your baby grows. Or you can make one to match every dress if that’s the way you roll 🙂

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