Toilet Roll Telecopes

Little Bug (3-yrs-old) found some empty toilet rolls, and has been running around playing telescopes with them. He hands them out to Mummy and Daddy to join in the game as well.

We can use them to look around the house and name everything we see. We can pretend to be pirates looking for treasure, or spotting other ships. Hours of free amusement and we didn’t even need to paint them 🙂

I like to keep little things that we can repurpose for other uses, and the cardboard tube that the toilet paper comes on is very useful. The rolls from the glad wrap (cling film) and foil, or paper towels are the same but a little longer.

Some other things you can make from toilet rolls are:

  • Dolls/puppets – just add head made from scrunched up newspaper, then paint or dress as you like
  • Construction – they make great legs for anything paper mache
  • Shakers – put cling film or foil or masking tape over the ends and some rice or beans inside and there you have musical instruments.
  • Angel for the christmas tree – as for the dolls above, but add wings, etc and you can stick it on top of the tree.

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