Recipe List

Having just repacked the pantry I realise that I could feed the family out of it for at least a month.

I have tried menu planning before and it never seems to work… there are always too many leftovers, or life gets in the way, or I forget to buy an ingredient. You know the way it works.

However, I love browsing the mags and picking new recipes to try, especially when I have all the ingredients on hand. So, I have decided to write the list of recipes that I have most, if not all the ingredients, on the fridge and rub them out as I make them.

This will also give me inspiration when I’m trying to work out what’s for dinner, and cut down the food bill this month as I clean out the pantry.

On the list so far, all from the March 2011 Woolworths Good Taste magazine, which means they should also be available from

  • Butternut pumpkin pies, p27
  • Lime coconut cake, p29
  • Sausage ragu linguine, p35
  • risi e bisi (rice and peas), p38
  • Spaghetti with tuna balls, p46
  • Chickpea pilaf with haloumi, p50
  • Chicken & polenta lasagna, p67
  • Fettuccine boscaiola, p82
  • Speedy dhal, p95
  • Pea & Haloumi fritters, p106

Now to go flip through the April edition.

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