Book Review: The Land of Painted Caves


The long awaited update in Alya’s life has been released. What started in Clan of the Cave Bear, and has excited us through Valley of Horses, Mammoth Hunters, Plains of Passage, and Shelter’s of Stone has been completed in Land of Painted Caves.

This has meant that all the old books have been released as well. The good news is they have been released in ebook form. The Land of Painted Caves has also been released in ebook form. Brilliant idea, and I’m glad to see this author is keeping up with the times and her fan base.

The book itself is a little disappointing. As a standalone book I would probably have chucked it out. However, as this is the last in a series I am already hooked on and invested in the characters I had to read it. This means that I also know the back story which while restated where necessary to the plot, adds a framework in which to place this novel. As always I really enjoy the historical and reconstructed archeological tidbits that Jean is so good at slipping into Alya’s everyday life.

Enjoyable but not enthralling. Good for the fans, but not likely to pick up a new generation of fans.

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