Book Review: The Hypnotist


The Hypnotist is released in Australia in May, and is the first book from Lars Kepler. I got a free copy from the soup to read and review.

There is no Lars Kepler, it is actually the pen name for Alexandra and Alexander Ahndoril a husband and wife writing team. How confusing would that family be Alex and Alex.

The Soup sent the first chapter by email as a teaser. Honestly, after reading that chapter I thought this would be a really crap book, but I would read it because it was free. If I was browsing in a book shop it would have gone right back on the shelf. I did wonder if it may have been a problem with the translation.

However I’m really glad I did read it as it was a great read, the two plots were intriguing – spent most of the novel trying to work out how they were connected.

The explanation unfolds in flashbacks about the hypnotist’s life, leading to a satisfying explanation in the end. The critical cues are all there in plain sight, no pulling rabbits out of the hat, just a lot of miss-direction

Great can’t put down novel, after a slow start. I would definitely read the next book by these authors.

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