Bat Fold

Once the baby is a little bigger the Bat Fold is better fitting and more absorbent because there are 6 layers in the middle which acts like a booster.  This fold is also known as the Butterfly,  Origami,  or Chinese Fold,

Start by folding the nappy into a square, by folding it in half to form a rectangle.

Then in half again.

Pull the top layer by the corner out to form a triangle, if it does not work in one direction change the direction you are pulling by 90 degrees.

Flip the entire nappy over carefully so the square is on top of the triangle.

Fold the square in half.

Fold it over again.

Now doesn’t that look like a bat? The body in the middle and wings spread out. You can probably also now see where the Origami name comes from there are a few slightly tricky bits like you would see when doing origami. I think the Chinese name comes from people think origami is a chinese thing.

Now add a baby and fasten with a snappi.

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