Boy Found – not missing

How scary is this? A 5-year-old boy was just wondering around the streets at 9pm and no-one knew he was missing… Each parent thought he was with the other one!

Glad to see he is home with mum now, but can’t help thinking of all the horrible things that might have happened. As a parent this ranks right up there as one of my worst nightmares. However a 5 yr old that can’t tell you his full name and address, or what school he goes to? My 3 yr old can tell you his full name and address, and the closest main roads, he would definitely get back home if he got lost.

This gives us something to think about as parents. We need to give our children the tools to save themselves. Teaching stranger danger is all well and good, but we need to make sure they can tell someone (and know who to tell) who they are and where they live incase something goes horribly wrong. Knowing how to dial 000 and more importantly when to dial it is another life saving measure we as adults take for granted, but often forget to teach our children.

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